Wednesday, August 7, 2013

First Area, La Paz

La Paz, Honduras

Batman is even big in Honduras.

My new sweater.

The view out of my back door.

Making dinner.  I'm getting pretty good.

Looking down on the area.
Eating some bread a member gave us.

These members are awesome, they make good food too!

I'm a real Honduran now I have my machete!

Wesley and CJ sent me a picture trying to make me jealous!  I got a Wendy's too!

Look at what I got for $20 bucks!  

My 2nd companion, Elder Coco from Guatemala.

A great zone leader going home.  He taught me more than you can imagine!

Just playing some basketball on p-day.  A good way to stay in shape!

A trip to the Tegucigalpa Temple. 
 It was an awesome day.  The temple has such an awesome spirit

This was a watermelon activity to try and get members excited about missionary work.

                                                              Celebrating my companions birthday.

 Oh yeah!!!  Dirt roads galore!

This is a waterfall we came across while searching for a possible investigator we never found.  It was worth the walk.  

My first haircut in Honduras.  They used a straight blade razor! I thought for sure I was going to get cut.

This is my desk I work from.

This looks like a lot of fun.  I might try it some day.

This is my companion and apartment.  He is from Mexico.  His name is Elder Castellon.

This was on a member's door.  It is a snake skin.

This is a picture of a zone conference with 2 zones together.

 Well, I have learned to wash clothes by hand.  This is where I wash them.

 Everything is green.

This house is built upon a bunch of tires.       .

I took this during a rainstorm.  The rain was coming down really hard.


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